About Pumpkin & Bunny

Pumpkin & Bunny was founded in 2014 as a better alternative to fast-fashion children’s clothing. As a mom, and former employee of a major retail chain, I’ve seen first hand what mass market fashion is all about.  The retail fashion industry is among the most environmentally harmful commerce divisions on the planet.  With factories churning out more clothing than we can consume, the waste produced by both manufacturing and by consumption is astronomical.  By blending classic styles with heirloom sewing techniques, the fashion I design is made to last.  To be well loved, well worn, and passed down.   While currently a one-woman operation, my mission is to aid in the slow-fashion revolution that is already beginning.  Shop small, live better!

All Pumpkin & Bunny products meet CPSC safety standards.

Pumpkin & Bunny Patterns

IMG_3070Due to the number of requests I received from other seamstresses about my designs, I now offer my original sewing patterns for sale.  You can purchase them here on my website, or through my secondary Etsy shop kept for patterns only: Pumpkin & Bunny Patterns on Etsy